Month: August 2018

Episode 4: United Way of Missoula County

Susan Hay Patrick, CEO of United Way of Missoula County, comes on the show to talk about the evolution of United Way as an organization, their new efforts to learn from similar communities facing similar challenges, as well as their collaborative efforts to address suicide rates and homelessness in Missoula.  We wrap things up with a fascinating conversation about the Overhead Myth and even chat briefly about millennials’ role in the non-profit sector.

As promised, here are some excellent resources for learning about the overhead myth:

Finally, please visit to learn more about the work being done by Susan and her team. Thanks for listening!

Episode 3: Free Cycles

Bob Giordano, Executive Director and Founder of Free Cycles, comes on the show to talk about why bicycles hold the power to transform our community.  We start the episode with an overview of Free Cycles and MIST (Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation) and a quick discussion about why working with children is such a key part of Free Cycles’ work.  Later we explore sustainable transportation including roundabouts, bike tracks, road diets, and neighborhood greenways.  We even talk about the advocacy work done by Bob and his team to bring a roundabout to the intersection of Higgins Ave. and Beckwith Ave..

Be sure to check out and for more information.

Episode 2: Missoula Food Bank & Community Center

Kelli Hess, Director of Operations, comes on to talk about the services offered at the Missoula Food Bank, their journey to opening a new facility, why volunteers make their organization go, and what she has seen in almost 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector in Missoula. Check out for more information.