Month: September 2018

Episode 6: The Poverello Center

This week’s episode features Amy Allison Thompson, the Executive Director of The Poverello Center, Missoula’s homeless shelter.  Amy talks about why she often describes homeless folks as being ‘invisible’ in our community, what it’s like to run a large non-profit as a young person, and how she suggests we should act when we run into homeless people in Missoula.  Amy also responds to a question about investing ‘upstream’ vs. ‘downstream’ in community services, and much more.

Check out the Poverello Center’s website and their upcoming event, Pumpkins for the Pov.

A special thanks to Sam Copeland and John Kratz for their musical contributions to this episode!

Episode 5: Watson Children’s Shelter

On this week’s Episode of Insight on Impact we feature Mike Boehm, CEO of Watson Children’s Shelter.  Mike talks about the mission of Watson’s, who they work closely with in Missoula to promote the well-being of the children they serve, the complex issue of deciding when children should be in out-of-home care (and when they shouldn’t be), their exciting new program called Healthy Foundations, and how Montana state budget cuts affected their organization.

Additional Resources:

TED Talk on the ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Study by Nadine Burke-Harris

The Center for Disease Control webpage on ACEs

And finally, visit for more information about this organization.  Thanks for listening!