Month: October 2018

Episode 8: Forward Montana

Deputy Director Kiah abbey comes on the show to talk about her work to engage Montana youth in the political process, some of her thoughts on the upcoming midterm election, and why folks (like me!) shouldn’t be afraid to voice their beliefs in the political arena.

Check out or to read Forward Montana’s voter guide for the upcoming election.

Finally, check out to make sure YOU are ready to go for Election Day on November 6th.

Thanks for listening!

Episode 7: Soft Landing Missoula

This week’s episode features Mary Poole, Executive Director of Soft Landing Missoula.  (

Mary talks about the rapid process of creating Soft Landing and welcoming refugees to Missoula, how she approaches folks who see refugee issues far differently than she does, and what it was like to start a non-profit as a newcomer to the field.

Be sure to check out this this awesome video about Soft Landing produced by Starbucks!