Month: March 2019

Episode 19: Willard Alternative High School Counselor Tri Pham

You almost certainly know about Sentinel, Hellgate, Big Sky High schools here Missoula…but have you heard of Willard Alternative School?  Willard is often called a school choice, or a second chance school, and is doing amazing work for their students.  A key figure behind that amazing work is their school counselor, a man by the name of Tri Pham.

Tri and I sat down in his office at Willard to talk about the specific needs that Willard addresses in our community, what makes it different than the three large highs chools in Missoula, Tri’s thoughts on working with students who have trauma in their backgrounds, and so much more.

Check out Willard’s website here! 

Episode 18: Garden City Harvest

In an interview recorded in their beautiful new facility just west of the Russel Street Bridge, Garden City Harvest Executive Director Jean Zosel talks about the several programs that make up Garden City Harvest, how their reach extends as far as Vietnam and Thailand, and we even touch on how Garden City Harvest made Kale chips cool for kids in Missoula County Public Schools (and so much more!)  Folks, Garden city harvest is doing amazing work with more positive benefits than I could cover in this short interview, so I hope you’ll visit to learn more!