Month: April 2019

Episode 21: Ecology Project International

Ecology Project International’s Co-Founder and Advancement Director, Julie Osborn, comes on the show to talk about EPI’s origin, their conservation efforts spanning from Costa Rica to Yellowstone National Park, and how they inspire youth to take an active role in conservation.  

Learn more about EPI here:

Learn more about their Connect4Climate Campaign here:

And finally, check out EPI’s upcoming First Friday event in Missoula here:

Episode 20: The Parenting Place

Executive Director Teresa Nygaard comes on the show to talk about the Parenting Place’s program offerings to families in Missoula, the remarkable science of Adverse Childhood Experiences, and so much more.  Check out the parenting place here

Check out Missoula’s community needs assessment here:

Finally, Check out Dr. Nadine Burke Harris’ powerful Ted Talk on ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) here: