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Episode 16: Stellar Community Member – Svein Newman

Episode 16 features stellar community member Svein Newman!  Of the many things Svein has done, we talk about a just a few including his effort to keep 31 Missoulians from being evicted from their homes, his volunteering to help start Soft Landing Missoula, his work for Northern Plains Resource Council, and so much more. 

Check out more about Svein’s good work at the following links! 

Svein’s work to keep Missoulians in their homes.

Northern Plains Resource Council

Episode 15: Headwaters Foundation

Change work is hard. Finding funding for that change work can be daunting.  Good news! The Headwaters Foundation has a $100,000,000 endowment and is ready and eager to support positive change in Western Montana

For Episode 15 of Insight on Impact, Brenda Solorzano, CEO of the Headwaters Foundation, comes on the show to talk about how Headwaters approaches philanthropy much differently than traditional organizations, what she learned from drinking 500 cups of coffee with folks across Western Montana, and why Headwaters has chosen to put so much of their time, effort, and resources behind a new 0-5 Early Childhood initiative.

Visit to learn more!


Episode 14: Missoula Police Department’s Sgt. Stonesifer

Episode 14 Featuring the Missoula Police Department’s own Sergeant Matt Stonesifer is now available!  We discuss innovations that MPD has implemented to address emerging issues in our community, his thoughts on the notion that police are the last line of defense for many social ills, how he personally copes with the many challenges of his job, and much more!

Check out MPD’s website here:

Also, learn about MPD’s Citizen’s Law Enforcement Academy here!

Episode 13: Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC)

Executive Director Kia Liszak comes on the show to talk about some of ZACC’s programs like Girls Rock Camp, why access to the arts is so stinkin’ important, and the ZACC’s exciting progress in their campaign for a bigger, better and more accessible home for their programs – and much more!

Learn more about the ZACC at or learn more about the ZACC’s future home at!

Episode 12: Child Protection Specialist / Miss Montana USA 2019

Grace Zitzer, Child Protection Specialist and Miss Montana USA 2019, comes on the show to talk about her work investigating reports of child abuse and neglect in Missoula, her involvement with the Missoula Human Trafficking Task Force, and how she is using her platform as Miss Montana USA 2019 to promote her passions which include promoting kindness and human connection.

Check Grace’s Miss Montana USA Facebook page here.

Other great resources mentioned in the show include The Missoula Human Trafficking Task Force Webpage, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website, and

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Episode 11: Oula

Kali Lindner, CEO and Founder of OULA Fitness, comes on the show to talk about her passion for connecting mind and body, how she created a now emerging global company right here in Missoula, and how Oula’s mission often takes priority over profits.

Check out Oula and the scientific proof of its mental health effects here:

Also be sure to check out the Mind-Body Stuff podcast co-hosted by Kali here!


Episode 10: Leadership Montana

Chantel Schieffer, CEO and President of Leadership Montana, talks about why Leadership Montana was created in the wake of a very contentious 2001 Montana legislative session, how this organization promotes civility and collaboration across our state, and even offers listeners some tools for having difficult but necessary conversations.

Learn more about Leadership Montana at  Check out the Seat at the Table concept at Also, Living Room Conversations ( is a great tool for having challenging conversations in your community, and finally, check out Women Leading Montana’s facebook page here!  (

Episode 9: Reaching Home – Missoula’s 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness

Theresa Williams, Coordinator of Reaching Home, Missoula’s 10-year Plan to End Homelessness, comes on the show to talk about why Reaching Home was created, the nuts and bolts of the plan itself, along with the successes and challenges she has seen while coordinating this ambitious plan, and much more!

Check out the the Reaching Home plan here. 

Also check out the City of Missoula’s Department of Housing and Community Development here.

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Episode 8: Forward Montana

Deputy Director Kiah abbey comes on the show to talk about her work to engage Montana youth in the political process, some of her thoughts on the upcoming midterm election, and why folks (like me!) shouldn’t be afraid to voice their beliefs in the political arena.

Check out or to read Forward Montana’s voter guide for the upcoming election.

Finally, check out to make sure YOU are ready to go for Election Day on November 6th.

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Episode 7: Soft Landing Missoula

This week’s episode features Mary Poole, Executive Director of Soft Landing Missoula.  (

Mary talks about the rapid process of creating Soft Landing and welcoming refugees to Missoula, how she approaches folks who see refugee issues far differently than she does, and what it was like to start a non-profit as a newcomer to the field.

Be sure to check out this this awesome video about Soft Landing produced by Starbucks!