Kali Lindner, CEO and Founder of OULA Fitness, comes on the show to talk about her passion for connecting mind and body, how she created a now emerging global company right here in Missoula, and how Oula’s mission often takes priority over profits.

Check out Oula and the scientific proof of its mental health effects here:  https://www.oulafitness.com/about/

Also be sure to check out the Mind-Body Stuff podcast co-hosted by Kali here!  https://www.oulafitness.com/mind-body-stuff/


2 comments on Episode 11: Oula

  1. Cathy Cooney says:

    I’ve been doing Oula since 2012 and it’s awesome. Dancing is definitely food for the soul.

    1. We love to hear that Cathy! Thanks so much for listening to the podcast and hope to see you at Oula someday!

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